3D Scanning Service

S-CAN boasts a large range of advanced equipment and expert knowledge to do with digital manufacturing. If you have a physical object which needs turning into a 3D computer model, whether to re-manufacture or for inspection purposes, then it is likely that we can help. 

What is 3D Scanning?

3D scanning is a process which will take the data from a physical object and turn it into a computer format. It is ideal for digitally capturing shapes that are complex, irregular or difficult to measure manually, such as freeform surfaces.

Typical applications include making digital backups of precious or irreplaceable objects, to reverse engineer components for re-manufacturing when the plans aren't unavailable and inspecting finished manufactured parts against the original design.

What we do 

We capture shape data using state-of-the-art non-contact scanning equipment.

Using our wide-ranging experience in design engineering we can process the shape data to provide it in the format you require. We can leave the 3D scans as point cloud for inspection and self processing, make it so you can render or rapid prototype it as a polygonal meshes or convert it into a complete solid or surfaced CAD model that can be used for machining or editing in your own software.

What we can scan 

We can scan almost anything, from a miniature component right up to cars, boats and planes. Our scanners do however have to be able to ‘see’ every surface of an object to successfully scan them in their entirety. As a rough guide, if you can take a photo of it, we can scan it.

Best results are usually achieved scanning in our controlled environment inspection room at our base, using our specifically designed mounting and fixturing systems to ensure maximum accuracy. We do also offer a completely mobile service so we can scan anywhere in the UK or abroad, even in more remote locations where there is no power available.

Our Scanners 

We have a large range of in-house scanners which are suitable for almost all applications: 

Scanner: Faro Edge ScanArm HD
Accuracy: Within 0.05mm in single position
Resolution: 0.01mm point spacing
Range: 2.7m spherical range in one position. Can be leapfrogged for near infinite range.
Uses: A fast, high resolution scanner. We use this for most reverse engineering scans. Will scan everything from bolts to cars well and is completely portable. Can also be used to probe features such as planes and holes.

Scanner: Nikon LC15DX & LC50CX CMM Scanners
Accuracy: 0.003mm per 350mm cubed area
Resolution: 0.001mm point spacing
Range: Parts upto and around 1m x 0.75m x 0.5m
Uses: Some of the highest resolution and most accurate scanners available. Can take long to program but will run automatically through batch work. Idea when absolute accuracy and resolution are required. Can also be combined with probed data.

Scanner: Artec MHT (Handheld Colour Scanner)
Accuracy: 1.5mm per 1x1m area
Resolution: 0.5mm point spacing
Range: Best on medium sized areas with varied geometry.
Uses: Portable handheld solution for hard to reach places such as car interiors. Also scans in 24BPP colour.

Scanner: Surphaser 25HSX/Trimble FX Long Range Scanner
Accuracy: 0.6mm @ 11m, 2.4mm @ 50m
Resolution: 1.9mm point spacing @ 11m
Range: 140m spherical range
Uses: One of the highest resolution and most accurate long range scanners available. Perfect for inspection of large components, vehicles measuring buildings, structures and more.