3D Software

Our complete range of software offerings offer everything to transform raw scans into a full processed mesh, CAD model or inspection document. 

Point Cloud Processing

EviXScan 3D Suite

Included with every scanner and is the starting point for every scan. Use it to calibrate your scanner, take scans (either through a manual point and shoot method or using an automated turntable.) Align scans semi-automatically or have the software do it automatically by placing coded markers over your work-piece. Basic editing commands for the resulting 3D scan and export it ready for import into your favourite CAD program for further manipulation.   

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Leios 2

Leios 2 has powerful tools for aligning, processing, repairing and editing polygonal meshes. Powerful sculpting, feature-generation and surfacing tools are all built in which will allows you to take a mesh and export it into a usable model for manufacture or for further editing within your standard CAD software. 

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Geomagic Wrap

The ultimate scan data processing solution. Take raw scan data and align in, merge it into a single polygonal mesh for further processing.
Geomagic Wrap offers complete mesh processing tools such as repair options, smoothing, hole-filling, colouring, sharpening and much more.
Create exact-surface NURBS models with the  inbuilt powerful mesh surfacing tools.

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Geomagic Design X

An advanced program for processing scan data into both surface and fully-editable, parametric, feature based CAD models. Includes all tools to align, merge and edit scan data, as well as the ability to create solid and surfaced CAD data through automatic and semi-automatic processes. 

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Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is a software toolset that plugs directly into your SOLIDWORKS environment giving you advanced capabilities to make tools point clouds and polygons more usable in your design process. This software allows you to import the scan data directly from the EviXScan suite. Use the feature extraction wizards to extract CAD sketches, surfaces and solids and create feature-based, editable solid models.

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Geomagic Control X

Geomagic Control X is a comprehensive metrology software platform that delivers the industry’s most powerful tools within straightforward workflows. With Geomagic Control X quality managers are enabled with revolutionary ease-of-use, intuitive, comprehensive controls and traceable, repeatable workflows for the quality measurement process. Its fast, precise, information-rich reporting and analysis enable significant productivity and quality gains in any manufacturing workflow.

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