EviXMatic - Automated Structured Light 3D Scanner

EviXmatic is an automated four-axis 3D scanning system that enables data collection and inspection processes of variable parts with minimal operator’s involvement.

EviXmatic produces fast, and precise measurements of complex objects through a non-contact scanning system.

The EviXMatic uses your choice of either the Optima or the Quadro scanners, both of which can be quickly detached from the system so they can be used independently when required. 

Advantages of the EviXMatic Automated 3D Scanning System

• Auto-calibration
• Automatic scanning procedure
• Ability to define measurement sequences
• Scan objects without having to fix them to the rotary table
• Possible simultaneous scanning of several small objects in a single scanning run
• Integrate with Geomagic Control X for fully automatic generation of quality inspection reports

Application Areas

Reverse Engineering

A 3D scan is the perfect basis to Reverse Engineer a CAD model of a part. The scan data gives accurate measurements and shape data which can be converted into a usable solid or surface model. The resulting model can then be modified, re-manufactured used to create 2D drawings and more.


3D scans can be overlaid onto a reference CAD model to create a deviation map. This produces precise complete verification of an item to check whether complicated items are within tolerance. 

Digital Archiving

Record data for the future. Whether it is for insurance purposes, to record an objects state in time, to re-make or digitally repair a part. To create an online catalogue of pieces and so much more.