EviXScan Accessories

All scanners come with everything required to start 3D scanning straight away. The range of optional accessories can improve functionality for those that require it.   

Motorised Turntables

USB controlled motorised turntables, available in 3 sizes.

Can be easily calibrated to perform semi-automatic 3D scanning of an object. 

SizeWeight Capacity


Manfrotto MN475B

A stable aluminium tripod with fast action head allowing to angle the scanner at all angles. Geared centre column for precise height adjustment. Built-in bubble spirit level for levelling.

Manfrotto Mini Salon 806 

A smooth operating column stand provides a very sturdy base and fast re-positioning between scans. Made from a cast iron base with anodised aluminium columns it allows a working range between 60-180cm. 

Blue Light Filters

The light projection technology used in the EviXScan Heavy Duty range operates with narrow-band blue LED light. By adding blue light filters, precise measurements can be taken independently of the ambient light conditions (filtering ratio over 95%). This produces improved results, even when scanning dark and shiny surfaces.

Artefact Tool-Kits

 Twelve-sided magnetic coded artefacts.

Each artefact is unique and is factory calibrated so the scanner knows what is on all sides of the artefact when it can see just one side.

This allows you to scan one side of an object and then quickly scan the other side while staying in alignment. 

Two sizes of kits available comprising of 8 or 48 magnetic coded artefacts. Each set also contains flat magnetic coded discs for reusable marking.

Coded Markers

An additional pack of 1000 sticky coded markers (one pack is included with all scanner purchases.) Each pack comes with a combination of 3 different sizes of markers. Each market is individual allowing the scanner to identify them separately for automatic alignment.