Felix Pro 3
Felix Pro 3
Felix Pro 3
Felix Pro 3
Felix Pro 3
Felix Pro 3
Felix Pro 3

Felix Pro 3

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The FELIX Pro 3 builds on the success of other additive manufacturing platforms in the Pro range by introducing industrial-grade quality and reliability at an unmatched price point.

The Pro 3 is an intuitive, intelligent and easy-to-use manufacturing tool for every stage of product development - from prototyping to production. It integrates seamlessly into the workflow of the office, workshop, lab or factory.

This 3D printer is handmade to order in our own factory in Europe. Our printers are enabled for modular upgrades in the future, ensuring an extensive lifespan.

✓ Two times faster dual head printing due to improved heat up times.

✓ Improved cooling for more detailed prints and damage-free object removal.

✓ Smarter control and monitoring with touch screen and webcam. (Touch Version Only)

✓ Intelligent automated configuration for optimal ease of use.

Print quality

Minimum layer height: 0.05 mm

Normal layer height: 0.15 mm

Maximum layer height: 0.25 mm


Heated print bed

Build volume up to 237 x 244 x 235 mm (XYZ)

Bed temperature: max. 100 °C

Automatic bed levelling

Easily detachable



Standard nozzle: 0.35 mm

Nozzle temperature: max. 275 °C

Full metal hot-ends

Detachable (one-click)


Print materials

Open source 1.75 mm filaments

Tolerance: ± 0.15

PLA, PET(G), Flex, ABS, PVA, Wood, Glass, etc.



WiFi (Touch Version Only)

USB-Flash Drive 

USB-cable (host)

Webcam for online monitoring (Touch Version Only)


FELIX Pro 3 Touch box including

Felix Pro 3 Touch printer, Foot with 2 bolts, Touchscreen unit, Small tool kit, Power Supply unit, AC Power supply cord, USB cable, USB Flash Drive, 2  handles for filaments (3D printed), Filament guide (3D printed), 2 Teflon tubes, QuickStart Guide