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The new FELIX Pro additive manufacturing system has been designed to perform at scale, and both have been constructed to ensure reliable output for much larger parts.

These are manufacturing tools for every stage of the product development and manufacturing workflow with an optimal price | performance ratio that can meet the demands of industry.

✓ Large volume builds 

✓ Intelligent no-power detection for avoiding print failure

✓ Industrial quality 3D prints for prototyping and design

✓ Faster operations and ease of use with 7” touch screen

The Pro L can work with a wide selection of filament, including PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, FLEX, Carbon fiber, Nylon, Glass and Wood ll.

To ensure the quality and reliability upon which FELIXprinters has built its reputation, both of these larger systems incorporate highly engineered print chambers, which incorporate an enclosed warm zone and a cold zone. The warm zone supports consistent temperature control during the build, which is particularly important when printing materials with a high shrinkage factor, such as ABS, carbon fiber or Nylon.

The cool zone houses the printer’s electronics, making sure that they don’t overheat and cause problems.

The printer also integrates dual extrusion printing and a special mechanism that ensures the print heads operate symbiotically. That is, when the dual nozzles are printing they remain at different print levels, eliminating any risk of collision and reducing the chances of print failure. Further, if only one nozzle is in use, the other will automatically rotate away from the print, so that there is no interference.

Other features, such as an intuitive 18 cm touchscreen module with integrated print-server, are similar to those in the Pro 3 3D printer model. This particular feature, consisting of a “small but powerful” octacore computer, enables users to remotely monitor their prints via webcam, manage print files, render G-codes and even create a time lapse of the print. In terms of connectivity, the large-format 3D printers can be accessed by USB and/or WiFi, and can be connected in a LAN network or as a standalone machine.

The Pro L has been designed specifically to be easily portable — at installation or within a manufacturing setting. Both can be easily transported through a normal office door opening (900 mm).

The design of the FELIX Pro L allows for the installation of future hardware upgrades with no fuss. Which means that you benefit from any new future developments. The ‘write off’ time of the 3D printer is therefore impressively low and makes it a very cost-effective investment. The release cycles for upgrades are approximately one per year. FELIX strives to achieve the best possible performance in the most cost-effective way.

When you demand the best.

Full 3 year warranty for non-wearable parts, upgradeable to 5 years through periodic servicing. Flex plate for easy and damage-free object removal. Interchangeable flex print platform and print heads.

Build size (LxWxH)

Pro L: 300 x 400 x 400 mm or 11.8” x 15.75” x 15.75”
Pro XL: 600 x 400 x 600 mm or 23.62" x 15.75" x 23.62"


Build volume:

Pro L: 48 Liter / 12.7 Gallon
Pro XL: 144 Liter / 42 Gallon


Filament (open source):

1.75 mm (tolerance +/- 0.05 mm)


Filament Materials:

PLA, ABS, PETG, PVA, FLEX, Carbon ber, Nylon, Glass, Wood ll


Nozzle diameters:

Brass (standard): 0.35 / 0.50 / 0.70 / 0.90 mm
Hardened Steel (optional): 0.35 / 0.50 / 0.70 / 0.90 mm


Print Speed (mm / sec):

Up to 100 mm/sec (60 mm/sec is recommended)


Positioning accuracy XYZ:

0.01 mm


Layer thickness in mm:

0.05 mm to 0.35 mm or 50 micron to 350 micron


Nozzle temperature:

Up to 275 degrees Celsius


Heated bed construction:

Solid casted & milled high precision aluminum

Up to 110 degrees at environmental temperature > 20 degrees C


Control panel:

7” Touch screen, with intuitive menu structure, available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and others.


Operating system:

Windows, Mac OS


Connectivity options:




Simplify3D - All pre-settings have to be downloaded from www.felixprinters.com/downloads



110 up to 240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz Max 1600 Watt.


Physical dimensions (LxWxH):

Pro L: Overall printer dimensions: 600 x 666 x 776 mm or 24” x 26” x 31”
Pro XL: Overall printer dimensions: 906 x 666 x 966 mm or 37” x 26” x 38”


Total weight [kg]:

Pro L: approx. 63 kg
Pro XL: approx. 80 kg


Operating temperature:

15 to 30 degrees Celsius


Noise level: 

Less than 40 dBA


Inside the box:

Comes with: Tweezers, set Te on tubes, USB cable, USB stick, LAN cable, Filament spool holders, Spool of PLA lament, Quick Start Manual.